Data is Foundational, but even Big Data is inanimate Without Analytics

What We Do

We take the complexity, time, risk, and cost out of Advanced Analytics in order to inform decision making and to create incredible results
Analytics of Everything

We turbocharge the Internet of Things with analytics that fuel strategic planning; pattern, variation, and anomaly detection; situational awareness and assessment; asset management optimization; and prescriptive protocols that help organizations attain operational excellence

Customer Optimization

Our services and solutions help businesses identify and understand their best customers – acquire new customers like them – find ways to increase lifetime value and profitability – drive customer delight and loyalty – manage attrition and recover profitable customers. ‘Intimate Customer Relationships at Scale ™ ‘

Management Consulting

We help organizations drive results through the formulation and management of their most important strategic business objectives – providing organizational and analytic strategy development, creating and sustaining Performance Management, communications and advocacy, and financial and economic analysis

Technology Consulting

Our credo is Purposeful Innovation™ that aligns business strategies with technology solutions to create outcomes, not outputs. We help plan, design, develop, and implement systems and applications – especially master address data management and Geographic Information Systems

The Analytics Imperative

Because no business, large or small, can wait on competitiveness and operational excellence
Why Analytics and Why Now?

Business success hinges on two things. Seizing the right opportunities and acting to solve problems – quickly and definitively. Issues and opportunities are not always apparent – they often lurk just below the surface, buried somewhere in raw data that all business have available to them. Fortunately, harnessing data and putting it to work has become entirely possible for businesses of just about any scale. The volume of data available to most businesses is growing exponentially. Transactional, social, sensor, and value added data streams – “Big Data” – flood businesses. While many organizations methodically collect data, too many leave it at that or use the data only to measure past performance. Deployed in the right way, data can become a strategic asset that is transformational in understanding and effecting future performance in ways that reduce costs, increase revenue, and deliver customer satisfaction. In today’s hyper competitive landscape, savvy businesses look beyond instinct to take a more quantitative, data driven approach to prescriptively and optimally make important business decisions. That is why we exist – to help organizations flourish in the midst of the Advanced Analytics Revolution

  • 15% of Large Businesses have implemented Big Data Analytics
  • 29% Expect to Adopt Big Data Analytics by 2017
  • 61% believe they have Big Data that can be Analyzed
  • Yet only 39% understand how to extract value from Big Data

Why Redgiant?

RedGiant Analytics provides a highly differentiated set of analytic solutions and services for businesses seeking to enhance business outcomes. RedGiant helps organizations to use Advanced Analytics and GeoAnalytics® to create customer delight, employee empowerment, and management and operational excellence. We make sophisticated analytics accessible and affordable for businesses large and small – all to help them discover those hidden insights that produce great business outcomes. Our services and solutions reflect our passion for business and helping businesses to become wildly successful.

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